Our Story


Mission Pickwick began In June, 2018, when a group of neighbors came together to celebrate their freedom in Christ by celebrating the Lord’s supper and enjoying a meal.

In April, 2020, with COVID closing down face-to-face gatherings, the group began to meet weekly using Zoom to hold a worship service.

By December, 2022, our congregation had grown to the point that a new approach was necessary.

January 1, 2023, face-to-face worship began at the District 3 Community Center in Counce, TN.

January 19, 2023, Deacon Fred Ellrich, who served as worship leader for Mission Pickwick was ordained to the priesthood in the Anglican Church in North America to tend the needs of this greatly expanded group.

March 12, 2023, Archbishop Foley Beach selected “St. Peter’s by the Lake” as our church name.