St. Peter's by the Lake Anglican Church

Meeting the needs of Pickwick / Counce through Ministry

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Sunday, 10:00am at 491 Hinton Rd, Counce, TN 38326

Mission: Worship

St. Peter's by the Lake

St. Peter’s by the Lake Anglican Church Anglican Diocese of the South (ADOTS.ORG)

Mission: Fellowship

Third Thursday

We are a fellowship of believers who enjoy gathering during the month for a special time of worship and to share a meal

Mission: Outreach

The Least of these

A concerned group of neighbors striving to eliminate food insecurity and neglect for children, a critical need in our county


The people of St. Peter's Value:


Traditional, Sacramental Worship

Our church’s core value is rooted in the rich tradition of sacramental worship, emphasizing the profound connection with the divine.


Orthodoxy (Right Teaching)

At our church, the foundational value is Orthodoxy, emphasizing the importance of right teaching and a steadfast commitment to authentic Christian doctrine.



Prayer is the cornerstone of our church’s values, guiding our spiritual journey and fostering a deep connection with God through heartfelt communication.



Generosity and giving lie at the heart of our church’s values, as we strive to share our blessings and make a positive impact on our community and beyond.



Outreach is a fundamental value of our church, driving us to extend compassion and support to those in need, both within our congregation and in the wider world.



Discipleship is a paramount value in our church, inspiring us to nurture spiritual growth and guide individuals on their transformative journey of faith.

We are a member congregation of the Anglican Diocese of the South, based in Loganville, GA. As such, we belong to the Anglican Church in North America.

The Anglican Church in North America:
The Anglican Diocese of the South:


Power of Faith and Community

Join us for Worship and Children's Church or Watch Our Service on Facebook Live

Sunday, 10:00am at 491 Hinton Rd, Counce, TN 38326